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I receive a lot of mail, I publish only the gems. – Ali Sina

From: “Runi Begum” <runi_begum@hotmail.com
Subject: Jokers
Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 02:26:19

Ali Sina, you have too much time to waste.

Ali Sina: I wish that was true.

You’re all so mentally challenged that your theories about Islam appear comedic, which is why knowone reputable is interested in your diahorea, it seems you are so threatened by the truth of Islam that you tug at the tiniest ambiguity, and make a moutain of it, confusing your miniscule brains further, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

So rape, genocide, torture, assassination, pedophilia, raids and looting are tiny ambiguities? I thought they are major crimes. Ah… silly me. What I was thinking? 

Firstly, the Quran was revealed 14 centuries ago!!! At the time the laws governing the rules of today’s society had no application, it was the norm to marry young, the marriage between our prophet and Ayesha was consensual and bourne out of mercy for her,

We have no similar case recorded prior to Muhammad. Frankly grownup men are not sexually attracted to little girls, unless they are pedophiles. But since Muhammad committed this crime, Muslims think it is sunna and now they do it everywhere. 

Now isn’t it odd that a person who comes to set new divine examples follow the practices of the people whom he calls ignorant? Did he come to teach these ignorant people the right way or did he come to learn their ignorant ways? Who was following whom? You are admitting that Muhammad was following the bad example of the people of his time, and that he was not a leader but a follower. Let us say this is true. Now because he followed the bad practices of the ignorant people of his time, those evil practices have received the seal of divine approval. and all the Muslims do what he did. Isn’t it ironic? The man comes to set good examples but instead he spreads the evil practices of the ignorant people of his time throughout the world and for eternity. And there is not even one person among these 1.2 billion Muslims with a brain functional enough to see the irony of this. 

Did you say the marriage between the 6 year old Aisha and the 51 year old Mo was consensual? You seem to forget that the only thing a 6 year old child can consent to is the flavor of her ice-cream.  A 6 year old child is not in a position to consent to her marriage. A 6 year old child does not even understand what is marriage.

if you studied their relationship with a clear mind maybe you would have realised it was a relationship based on spirituality and intellect!!!

I had no idea that spiritual relationships are performed in bed.

Nontheless, Ayesha’s age is not clear cut, she was between 9 and 18  years old, why is it that your spoiled mind thinks so immorally?

I am glad that at least you acknowledge that it is immoral to have sex with a 9 year old child. But this immorality does not come from my “spoiled mind”. The age of Aisha at the time of her marriage has been reported by herself in many hadiths. There can be no error in that. See this. She married Muhammad when she was 9 years old and by the time she was 18, Muhammad died and went to hell. Muhammad had sex with that little girl on the same morning that she was brought to his house. The poor girl later reported that she was “surprised” and did not know what was going on.

Moreover, your beloved india has a larger Muslim Population then Pakistan , and the highest rate of child marriages! LOL! ha ha!!!

Now which part of this tragedy needs “LOL” and “ha, ha”? Doesn’t this prove that thanks to Muhammad’s lust for little girls, now millions of little girls are raped?  I don’t know what you are laughing about? You do not seem to have humanity do you? Why the abuse of children should be a laughing matter?

Also, your idols in the west have been having relations with children over centuaries, because it took their fancy, but that’s cool i suppose…

Those in the West having sex with children are called pedophiles and if caught they will be severely punished. We do not worship the pedophiles and we do not take them as our prophets. We put them in jail and sometimes lock them for life. 

Nothing in life is black and white!

Yes somethings are black and white. Rape is evil, pedophilia is evil. What Muhammad did was evil. To justify the crimes of their prophet, Muslims have become moral relativist morons. How can pedophilia be sometimes good? How much stupidity is enough? Muslims are so sick in the head that it is not possible to laugh at their stupidity.  

Tell me why the sky is blue? and why you exist? No religion fits in with your idea of logic,

Your brain does not work does it? So because you don’t know why the sky is blue it was okay for your prophet to sleep with a 9 year old child and commit all sorts of crimes? Is this the level of your intelligence?

Christianity and Judaism are practically mirrors of Islam with only slight variations, which make them even more ‘illogical’, but that’s OK, since the masses and the media are not laying into them, why should you, eh?

There is a world of difference between Christianity and Islam. Christianity maybe illogical but is it not evil. Islam is both illogical and evil. No one becomes a murderer by putting into practice the true teachings of Christ while anyone trying to live by what Muhammad said, becomes a terrorist and a murderer. You call that slight variation? They are worlds apart.

Islam is the most logical of all the faiths that exist,

Logical? Like the belief in Jinns split moon, descending of sun in murky waters and the moon being above the stars? There is no book as stupid as the Quran. What logics are you talking about? What does a brain-dead zombie like you know about logic? 

why don’t you open up an encyclopedia once in a while and discover the various other beliefs around today; there’s wonderful ones that worship dogs and monkeys you know, just your kind of thing. LOL!


What is wrong in worshipping dogs and monkeys? If those who worship dogs and monkeys don’t hurt other people their faith is a million times superior to the faith of those who claim to worship one God but kill others for not worshipping him. The god that teaches murder is not god. He is Satan. It is a million times preferable to worship dogs and monkeys than worship Satan.


Before you lay into all the ‘Muslim’ nations,  and refer to them as useless, why don’t you assess, exactly when and why they messed up, maybe once the west stepped in and tried to ‘make things better’…or maybe it’s the secondary sources you oh so love to quote from, try doing some first hand research for yourselves sometime.


All the Muslim countries, invariably, and to the degree that they are Islamic, are barbaric, backward and filled with misery. What West has to do with that? If it wasn’t for oil all of them would go hungry. They have not been able to produce anything useful or add a word to the vast human knowledge. They are just parasites of mankind.


Listen to yourselves, “HOW TO SOW THE SEEDS OF DOUBT” , you wish it were that easy…hmm, SO CONFUSED,


No it is not easy. To doubt one must have a working brain. Muslims don’t have that. How can brain-dead zombies who can’t think doubt?


Does Allah love pigs or not?


does Allah love pigs or not? doubting my religion your ***************! the answer lies in the question you fool! LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!lOL!LOL!LOL!LOLLLLLL


LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Give it up, coz you don’t have a clue and you’re not helping anyone, least of all yourself.


You did not answer the question. Does Allah loves pigs or not? That nervous laughter is not the answer. You are too fool to answer so you try to laugh  it off. But there are other young Muslims who are born into this cult and have brain. It is for them that I created this site. Many of them wonder upon these questions. Your brain is fossilized. Those whose brain still works ask, so does Allah love pigs or not? That is one of many questions. It’s important because it underlies the stupidity of Islam. If Allah does not love pigs, why he created them? If Muslims think about only this question they will see how stupid is Islam and will leave it.




From: sofina b <sofie3@hotmail.co.uk>

Date: May 19, 2006

Subject: Astagfirulla


ok i will not greet a such imbecile like that. i will just state the fact that this site is not true! a muslim brother nor sister has made this site but a kufar has made this site to influence the ignorant innocent people that are educating.


This site was not made by a Muslim and nor is the authors name is Ali Sina! i will not anticipate with my other MUSLIM brother and sisters to use abusive language because we all know that is not the right way.


Good heavens that she is not abusive. What would she call me if she was one? 


i will express my feeling and i do not expect this site to disappear because you non believers want to multiply but the fact is ISLAM IS THE FASTEST GROWING RELIGION and you know that that’s why you are trying to provoke the non Muslim society to convert! i am just a 16 year old educating student and i’m bengali!!!  i might not know everything to know about everything because i am just human and i am learning it doesn’t mean YOU JEW can try to conduct our religion or contradict us because i know for a fact that the unintellectual ‘Ali’ as he calls himself is not a Muslim and does not know anything about islam because if he who did know they would have not judged islam! also your site is so pathetic you just try to satisfy yourself ‘Ali’ because you and me know that islam is the best and you are just trying to make conflicts and twist words around. YOU cant handle the truth, the truth will seek you and you are mentally abusing yourself by believing that your right because your the stupid one out of everyone and Allah will sort you out so no point cussing you because your are useless putting all the non muslim on your nice comment list and the muslims in your stupid list? i wonder why? because its true and you know it i wont be surprised if i was on that list as well but listen up you jew soon enough islam will spread so you can hide in your own little world for know but ISLAM will seek the truth!!!!



Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar


peace be upon Muhammad his mission is fulfilled and bless my MUSLIM BROTHERS AND SISTERS FOR TRYING TO CONFIDE THESE IMBECILES AMEEN!!!!



If you think what Muslims write is stupid and what you yourself wrote is stupid, then why you write stupid things? It is amazing that Muslims see their stupid emails are being published, which is the cause of embarrassment but still keep writing them. Why? It’s because stupid people can’t understand.


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